LARP FiveM Server Rules

Just because a rule isn’t listed below does not explicitly exclude it from the rules, it simply means that we didn’t feel the need to list it. Always refer to rule number 1 when you have questions about whether you SHOULD do something.

Someone else breaking a rule is not an excuse for you to. Please ignore any potential rule breaks ICly, then file a report after the scene is complete.

If you share, allow others to use, or fail to secure your PC properly, you are still responsible for any actions that occur on our servers.

Any attempt to bypass a ban or “Ban Evade” will result in a Perm Ban being placed on your account. A Perm Ban will also be applied to others that are either aiding someone to evade or has knowledge of someone successfully evading a ban without notifying staff.

Any form of document thievery, player poaching or server advertisements in game or in our Discord, will result in permanent dismissal from the community.

1. Solid Roleplay and Removal from the Community

LARP thrives on solid roleplay. Keeping this concept in mind, there are a few guidelines to “good RP” that we require in LARP.

  • Unnecessary escalation of force. Your weapon should be the last option to escape from a scenario. Choosing gunplay over roleplay will not be tolerated. Use your voice and find creative ways to RP out of situations before resorting to violence.

  • Players found to be habitually resorting to violence (Robbing, Killing, Shooting) with little to no roleplay between scenes will face disciplinary action. LARP is a serious roleplay server where interactions should be driven by a narrative and should not be seen as another version of Grand Theft Auto: Online. By spending a majority of your time performing violent acts, you are demonstrating that you are not here to roleplay, and will be removed.

  • Character age must be a minimum of 18. This is enforced for several reasons and should be followed when roleplaying. In the case of a player being under the age of 18, they are not to engage in any intimate relationship whatsoever.

  • Stupidity and minor FailRP offenses may be overlooked, but shouldn’t happen in the first place. Actions such as dancing on non-existent stripper poles, jumping on Police Cars in full view of officers, etc., aren’t providing Solid Roleplay. Realistically, you aren’t going to jump on a Police Officer’s vehicle in life.

  • Using the same sort of behavior in certain roleplay situations can be punishable. I.e.: Immediately shooting at a convenience store at every robbery, continuously cop baiting, kidnapping and griefing a certain group.

  • We ask that our players use their maps and adventure all over the city, meet new people and create good stories! Make stories people want to be involved in.

  • Lastly, a working microphone is required to play on LARP. We have an in-character local chat to help with unforeseen microphone problems, but you must have a working mic to play here.

Please keep in mind that LARP is provided as a free service. We can deny access to that service at any time, for any reason. We are not obligated to allow you in our community and reserve the right to ban you at any time, should we feel you are not helping us move forward.

2. Random Deathmatch (RDM) | Initiation

RDM is defined as killing a player with little to no interaction.

  • Player Initiation: When initiating, you must make the player aware of the intent of role play while being in plain view of the player. While initiating you must allow the other person to respond to your role play with words or actions before engaging. If a player is engaged in an animation/menu, you must give them ample time to respond before continuing.

  • Vehicle Initiation: If you forcefully engage with someone while driving, the player initiation rule becomes invalid.

  • Group Initiation: While with a group of other players, to properly initiate as a group at least one person needs to express the intentions of the entire group. Just as the player initiation states, before engaging everyone must be in plain view and enough time must be given for a response. Anyone not on the scene in question when the group initiation has been declared must individually initiate.

3. Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM)
VDM is the act of harming someone using a vehicle.

Driving over someone with the intent to do violence against another player is strictly prohibited.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • If you are fleeing a dangerous scene, and one of your attackers steps in front of your vehicle and you have no other choice but to run over the person attacking you.
  • If an accident does occur, roleplaying out the scene properly will negate the rulebreak.

4. Combat Logging

Combat logging is exiting your game in any fashion to avoid RP. Combat logging comes in many forms, but examples are listed below:

  • Exiting the server to avoid legal charges.
  • Exiting the server before your five minute timer is up.
  • Exiting the server to avoid losing weapons via respawn/robbery.
  • Exiting the server after your respawn timer is up, but BEFORE respawning.
  • Exiting the server or respawning during an active scene.

NOTE: You should report any crashes/disconnects in the larp-help channel in discord. A post with your crash message and time stamp will help in cases of reported combat logging.

5. Going Out of Character

You should remain in character in voice at all times. Referencing OOC information in voice, no matter how vague the wording is, is considered going OOC. This includes “RP Checking”.

Never go out of character in the game unless you’re told to by a moderator or admin.

Do not use Out of Character Chat (OOC Chat) to attack people who have broken rules in situations. These issues should be filed in reports for admins to handle.

Do not use terms such as “City Official” and “Green Grass” in the city at any time, this is considered going OOC and you can be punished for it. Informing people of Rules by Going OOC is also against the rules.

Remember that OOC chat should be used for technical or game support only. Do not use OOC chat to taunt, question, or gloat to another player. This would include using any form of in-character chat (/ic or /r) for OOC means.

6. Restricted Roleplay


There will be no racism tolerated on the server whatsoever. This includes slang words that can be considered offensive to some.

Homophobic, racial, or gender offensive slurs of any kind can and likely will, result in a ban. These will not be tolerated here. Slurs against nationality are also not tolerated.

Sexual RP

Any kind of sexual RP is not allowed. Doesn’t matter if it’s consensual or away from others. Don’t do it. This will result in a permanent ban. Rape RP is not allowed and definitely will not be tolerated.

Gruesome RP

Gruesome RP such as torture RP (unless with consent from the other party) is also not tolerated. It can be considered power-gaming as well.

If at any point you are uncomfortable with a situation, you may tell the other player via local/OOC chat that you are uncomfortable and to please stop. If they do not stop, report them.

If you are told the other player is uncomfortable with the RP and would fall into this rule, you must stop.

Mental Health Roleplay

Any kind of roleplay mimicking mental health illness issues will not be tolerated. This includes self-harm, suicide, and other mental health issues such as abuse/trauma. Resources for dealing with these issues can be found here:

7. Metagaming, Powergaming, and Stream Sniping

Powergaming is forcing role play on another player without giving him or her the option to dictate their own fate. In RP, both parties must be able to decide how their characters will respond to something. This can include the removal of communication devices, theft of non-monetary items on someone’s person, or even kidnapping.

If you have someone handcuffed or zip tied, you do not need to /me taking their comms as they are at your mercy.

MetaGaming is retrieving or/and mixing OOC information with IC information to put you or others at an advantage. Even if it does not put you at an advantage, mixing OOC with IC is considered Meta-Gaming. Only use information you received In-Character. Also, using the city registrar to get information about another player, outside of their ID for reporting.

Stream sniping (using someone’s live stream to find their location to interact in any way) is considered metagaming and is punishable as such. Any live streaming source outside of the game world is covered by this, so don’t do it.

Transferring items between your own characters is also metagaming. This includes using middle men to achieve the same task.

Lastly, selling in-game items/money/properties for real life cash is strictly forbidden. While technically a metagaming offense, you will be permanently banned for that.

8. Green Zones

Green Zones are safe areas where criminal/violent actions such as (but not limited to) killing/robbing/fighting/carjacking is not permitted. The area that dictates a safe zone is largely based on the location itself, but generally the zone is any place in view of a circle in the zones listed below or inside of the building of said circle.

Note: Camping outside of the stated green zone areas in order to immediately engage in violent RP can be treated as a green zone violation.

If someone runs into a green zone to get away from role play that was started outside of the green zone itself, the green zone safety is void.

The following are green zone areas:

  • Player Spawn Points (Hawick Clothing Store, Sandy Shores Motel, Paleto Bay Spawn area near garage)
  • Player clothing stores
  • Hospitals (as these are respawn points). This includes the vicinity, the parking lot, any surrounding hidey hole, bush, crevice or adjacent parking structure. In other words, take your beef into the city.
  • Player owned dealerships, mechanic shops (Interiors and outside areas where cars spawn, even the repair circles/customs if they are on a dealership or mechanic shop property), and player owned restaurants/clubs.
  • Vehicle Garages (once fully up the ramp/inside of the parking lot/fence on the floor the circle is on)
  • Los Santos Customs
  • Repair Circles (All locations)
  • Gun Stores / Ammunations (Inside of building)
  • ATMs, and Banks (excluding robberies of the location)- Banks include the interior of buildings. ATMs are less defined, you should not engage someone that is approaching an ATM directly.
  • Bowing Alley

The following businesses have opted out of the green zone policy.

  • Ali Baba (Club)

  • Bahama Mamas (Club)

  • Diamond Dogs (Restaurant)

  • Dominarios (Restaurant)

  • Grease Monkey Motors (Car Dealership)

  • Humane Labs (Contracted Business)

  • Morinio’s Motors (Car Dealership)

  • OTB Stop N Shop (24/7)

  • The Phoenix (Club)

  • Vanilla Unicorn (Club)

24/7 businesses are NOT green zones because of their ability to be robbed.


9. Blacklisted Vehicles, Locations, and Clothing Items

This refers to vehicles, clothing, items, and locations that have been restricted due to various reasons.

  • Law enforcement, Department of Corrections (this includes all tactical gear associated with Police), LAFD Clothing or Doctor Clothing and Vehicles, lifeguard truck (i.e.: cop cars, fire trucks, ambulances, any clothing marked with LEO/LAFD logos.)
  • Any Clothing Store options that will make any part of a character invisible
  • Civilian/News choppers
  • Construction & Mining vehicles (Large dump trucks from the mines)
  • Mission Row Police Department back gate, you cannot enter by jumping from the bridge.
  • Bolingbroke Prison is off limits unless you are incarcerated. No “smuggling” weapons inside to your buddies or visiting unless it’s through the visiting center. Glitching through the doors or gates will be considered FailRP.

Military clothing is permitted, as long as it is within RP. Meaning, be prepared to be questioned, ridiculed, and arrested for stolen valor should you not have a good backstory as to why you are wearing said clothing.

Stealing AI Helicopters, landed/unlocked helis, planes, blimps etc. is against the server rules. You may only fly helicopters or airplanes if you are part of one of the whitelisted factions to do so, and only if you have the appropriate clearance. If you are caught in these vehicles, it will result in disciplinary action.

10. Griefing and Revenge Reporting

Griefing a player to the point where they are uncomfortable or ruining their game experience is not allowed. Griefing can refer to constant stalking of a player without an in-character reason, constantly killing an individual over and over within a decent time frame, texting or tweeting at them, harassing a player through OOC chat, or forcing yourself into their RP scenarios. Camping job sites strictly to rob or otherwise charge people for their use is also considered griefing. Griefing can also include reporting or revenge reporting.

Revenge reporting includes reporting a person strictly due to the knowledge they have reported you or another person as well as repeatedly forcing interactions and recording to report another individual in hopes of getting them banned. This also includes holding onto clips of valid rule breaks and turning them in due to an issue you may have with another player. For this reason, clips will not be accepted if presented after 48 hours.

11. Abuse of Third Party Communications Programs

All in-character communication must be done in game using the provided means of communication; Voice, Phones, or Radios. Using 3rd Party Communication Software to communicate any in-character information is strictly prohibited.

NOTE: While usage of 3rd Party Communication Software is allowed, all out of character information stays out of the game, and all in character information stays in the game.

12. Fail RP

FailRP can be anything regarding an extremely unrealistic situation that is used in the game to gain an advantage. This rule is meant to be used with common sense. Would your character do this in real life? Does it match with your character’s story line?

Examples of FailRP would be:

  • Illegal activities in or around any police station
  • Engaging in illegal activity in a green zone
  • Roleplaying your injuries incorrectly. I.e.: You were shot by a shotgun, but claim that you tripped over a bench.
  • Tweeting to police about crime, or selling weapons/illegal contraband over Twitter.
  • Fake hostages (using friends or approaching someone and asking them to be a hostage for a scenario)
  • Returning to or approaching the scene of a crime for the sole reason of reviving your friends via LEO or EMS.
  • Using the swap seat function to force a player out of their car, as this game mechanic ignores the use of seat belts and removes the ability for someone to respond to this type of RP.
  • Injecting: Disrupting a scene that is already ongoing without being involved by a scene participant, especially in a manner that interferes with the outcome or progression of the RP.
  • Blowing up cars at Legion because “you are bored”.
  • Purposely trying to conceal a two handed weapon on your back by wearing clothing that covers it (Backpacks, Large Jackets, etc)
  • The usage of teleporters to gain an advantage during a scene. Using your garage when you are being pursued, Jumping in and out of a house during a shootout, Using a building teleporter to evade (Bunker, Biker Club, etc)
  • Being part of a scene but refusing to roleplay with the players involved in the scene. Not reacting to a group with guns pointing at you, acting in an unrealistic way based on the scene that is currently ongoing, driving up to a crime scene to aid someone but not reacting to the police telling you to leave.
    *Scene continuation does NOT apply in Pillbox. This means that you shouldn’t be posting up 10 deep and assaulting a building that would normally be full of cops and doctors. This will be classified the same as MRPD and the Prison. It will be fail to repeatedly try getting someone out of custody within the hospital building. If the cops/EMS manage to get someone there, take the fighting elsewhere. The exterior of the hospital does not apply to this.

Creation of Character Names
When creating a character, try to be creative.
You can’t use names of celebrities of any kind, this includes but is not limited to -

  • Movie Celebrities
  • Internet Celebrities
  • Popular Cartoon characters
  • Popular Comic characters.
  • Popular TV Show characters
  • Other pop culture references that we can’t think of at the time of writing this rule.

Scamming of other players
Scamming another player or group of players of an amount of money or property valued at or above $50,000 is not allowed. This also includes holding raffles or lotteries that do not result in someone winning the promised item or amount of money. Failure to abide by this will result in a ban and removal of any amount above the scam cap from your character.

This only applies to money that has changed hands, not bets or verbal agreements. It is up to you to collect any money owed to you.

Additionally, you may not pose as any official agency for the sole purpose of scamming a player. This includes Real Estate, CLE, Interior Decorator or any other faction.

GTA Physics
FailRP GTA Physics pertains to the usage of vehicles in an unrealistic manner.

Excessively abusing the GTA physics system, such as driving off of a multiple story building or jumping over a mountain. While it is possible to jump off a three story garage with a vehicle without any serious damage, at the end of the day the act is not realistic.

Using a vehicle as a battering ram multiple times during a scene is prohibited. Any contact between vehicles must have the intent to stop the vehicle, not disable the vehicle. Boxing a vehicle against a building or pitting a vehicle to make it spin out is fine. Slamming into a vehicle multiple times or hitting another vehicle at 200 mph+ to completely disable the vehicle is not.

FailRP NVL or “Not Valuing Life” is the act of responding to a dangerous scene in a way that is completely unrealistic and or puts yourself in imminent harm.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples of this rule break.

  • Blatantly not fearing for your life.
  • Committing a violent act against a group that has you outnumbered and has already shown their intent to do harm.
  • Using a communication device to call for help when you are already held against your will.
  • Fleeing when surrounded by a group that has communicated that they will do harm, including law enforcement that have escalated to lethal force.
  • Jumping from a fatal height to flee.

Unrealistic Interactions with Law Enforcement
FailRP Unrealistic Interactions with Law Enforcement pertains to acting in a way towards law enforcement that is unrealistic and or is purposely putting yourself in a position to be arrested. We have balanced our times and fines for each charge in a way that, even if you are arrested you will not be put into jail for a realistic amount of time, therefore we require that our players will treat incarceration realistically and try to avoid it at all costs rather than inviting it.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples of this rule break.

  • Disrupting a crime scene verbally/non-verbally.
  • Driving erratically near a cop to get them to chase you; doing donuts or continually speeding up and down a road, circling cops to get their attention.
  • Performing illegal acts in front of cops or in a highly populated area.

13. Exploiting of Game Systems or Third Party Programs

Exploiting is considered any method used to game something outside of what the “typical” result is meant to be. Anything that we feel is exploiting will be met with a no appeal permanent ban.

Some of the more common examples of exploiting are:

  • AFK Grinding or money making
  • Weapon / Item / Money Duplication
  • Using Mods to gain an advantage (Spawning Guns, Bypassing server mechanics, Spawning Money, Spawning Items, etc)

Having knowledge of someone who is exploiting or even knowing of an exploit and not reporting it to developers or administrators is also a bannable offense. Withholding information regarding exploits will be met with the same punishment as those who exploited the system themselves.

14. Restricted Client Modifications

The installation of client modifications or 3rd party applications that provide an advantage over others. Usage of these types of modifications will result in a two week ban, a second offense will be a perm ban.

Common examples of restricted modifications:

  • Graphics mods that change the blood spurt particle effect to something more readily distinguishable (ie Confetti, Money, Letters, etc)
  • Graphics mods that remove certain props from the world (Dumpsters, Signs, Planters, etc)
  • Graphics mods that make certain textures invisible/transparent (Transparent Vehicles, Removal of Wall Textures, etc)
  • Graphics mods / Packs that increase your FOV (IE Flawless Widescreen).
  • Graphics mods that give permanent daylight.
  • Macros or Auto-Clickers to gain monetary advantages
  • Graphics mods that alter Bullet Trails giving a tracer effect to all shots fired

15. Water Evading

Evading the police using water is not allowed. However there are no restrictions when it comes to using water to evade other civilians.

16. Robbing Incapacitated Players

To rob an incapacitated player, you must have been involved in, or in the vicinity of the scene prior to the player becoming incapacitated and been involved in the RP. Should you come across an incapped individual in your travels, you may not rob them.

Robbing of a player’s inventory items is allowed, but must be roleplayed correctly using /me’s and the victim must be given the option to decline the robbery.

/me tries to grab Joe Schmo’s Lockpicks and Pistol from his belt. Does he succeed?

17. Group Limitations

Criminal activity will be limited to no more than 6 in a group. A group is considered any number of people who are actively involved with the scene, including lookouts. You cannot call for backup beyond the participating 6 people.

The following exceptions are listed below:

  • During the scene of a Gang War, the group limit is increased as specified in the Gang War section of the Whitelisted Gang Rules.
  • If a person(s) initiates an illegal act towards a group of players participating in a Legal Activity, then the whole targeted group can escalate to violence and defend themselves.

LEO involvement will NOT be capped as it is realistic that LEOs would outnumber criminals on scenes. Efforts are being made to limit the number of cops responding to each scene, but keep in mind, using firearms will result in an immediate response from every law enforcement officer on duty.

18. Wills

A will can be left in the event of your characters death. There are some restrictions, however:

  • Only properties, vehicles and money can be willed, not inventory items of any kind.
  • Your will must be accepted by a judge PRIOR to your character’s death.
  • Money left can not be more than $500,000.
  • Vehicles left can not be more than 5.
  • Properties/Vehicles/Money must be left to one individual. The executor can do with the willed items as they see fit.
  • The housing cap still counts towards your allowed maximum. If a house is left to someone already at their housing cap, the house will be in default and be reclaimed by the city.

19. Gang Related Rules

Acting as a gang without first being whitelisted as a gang will not be tolerated. Acting as a gang can be defined as, but not limited to:

Dressing in the same clothes/colors as a group.
Identifying yourself with a specific group name (i.e. bloods, crips, Underground mafia, etc.)

Participating in any criminal activity while doing any of the above things would be considered gang activity and is not allowed. You can apply for a whitelisted gang and read the gang rules here or by typing /gangrules while in game.


Added Player Owned Restaurants to green zones.

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Added PC security clause, added vicinity to hospitals, minor adjustments.

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Updated to reflect crim limit, various other additions/changes.

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Crim limit raised to 6, Cross hair rule abolished.

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  1. Restricted Client Modifications:
  • Graphics Mods / Packs that increase your FOV (IE Flawless Widescreen).
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Added permanent daylight rule section 14.

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Rule 9 update. Zancudo(military base) removed from the blacklisted locations.

Bowling Alley added to green zone list.

Rule 15. Water Evading Update

8. Green Zones
The Hangar removed from the green zone list.