LARP FiveM Gang Rules

LARP Gang Rules

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Revisions and updates:
4/1/2021 - Anarchy
8/11/2020 - Anarchy
6/29/2021 - Sia
2/13/2022 - Gang Management (Sia/RR)
3/8/2023 - Gang Management
3/23/2023 - Gang Management
11/17/2023 - Gang Management

In order for you to be a gang on LARP, your leader must first apply on the forums and be accepted. Click here for the gang application.

All new gangs will be under a 60-day probationary period where they will only receive 2 strikes before disbandment. While under the 60-day probation, new gangs are allowed to do all gang related activities with the exception of adding new members to their roster. New gangs must wait until after the 60-day probation before they can add any new members to their gang. They can remove members at any time.

You are still expected to follow all LARP server rules. This includes LEO interactions. Any criminal action outside of your gang turf must still adhere to all the LARP General Rules. You can only have one other gang allied at any time. Also please remember that LARP staff can remove your gang whitelist at any time for any reason. This means that your gang could be disbanded and/or banned from the server. Also bypassing the gang rules in any way will be considered a rule break.


Each gang leader is expected to make sure that their gang members are following server rules. In the past, gangs have utilized “herd recruitment” which has led to bad things happening. Because of this, the following is being put into place.

*First Offense: All Gangs will receive a written warning of a rule break violation. (Any violation.)
*Second Offense: Strike 1 (No Action Taken, other than receiving the Strike.)
*Third Offense: Strike 2 (Loss of all gang perks and a 14 day suspension.)
*Fourth Offense: Disbandment

All strikes will reset to Strike 1 level after 60 days. If no other disciplinary is received after 75 days they will reset back to a warning level.

After 75 days the gang will be eligible for perks again. (When you reset to warning level.)

You (as a leader) should only be recruiting trustworthy people, and as such, they are YOUR responsibility, not ours.

Gangs are required to maintain at least 6 active members after being whitelisted, if activity drops below the required amount, gangs will receive a warning to increase activity within a 30 day period. If activity does not improve after 30 days, the gang will be disbanded with the option to reapply in 30 days with increased activity/more members.

Applying Gangs: Gangs submitting an application are required to provide a roster of at least 8 active members for consideration. If approved - gangs are required to maintain this level of activity for the entirety of their probationary period. The probationary period for newly whitelisted gangs is 60 days. After the probationary period of 60 days is up, gangs will be reduced to a minimum requirement of 6 active members.

Suspension Notes:
While we reserve the right to suspend and/or disband your gang at any time, following the guidelines above a gang may be placed on suspension. During this suspension time, your gang is no longer allowed to affiliate with one another on a gang level for a duration of typically 2 weeks (also subject to a shorter or longer time as determined by the team). During suspension, the following applies:

  • No gang activity of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, going into enemy turfs, selling drugs as a gang or retaliating as a gang.

  • No gang colors or representation. Color entails vehicles and clothing and/or face masks. Representation entails gang signs or yelling/tweeting your gang name in any context.

  • You are allowed to retaliate if another gang attacks you, however we will be watching the actions of the suspended gangs. If that sounds difficult, it’s meant to be.

  • Removal of all perks (features included with the in-game rosters) associated with your gang. Gangs will not automatically regain these perks after the 60 days are up, and it is based on Gang Management discretion and the activity levels of the Gang during this time.


  • Every gang must have a roster. A link will be provided to you. It is the responsibility of the leader(s) to make sure it is kept up to date.

  • A gang must have a minimum of 1 leader and can have a maximum of 2.

  • Your gang must have at least 6 active members.

  • Each Character can only be on ONE Roster at any time.

Declaring/Concluding Gang Wars and Allies

  • Something crucial within RP must happen between the two parties in order for a war to happen. A poor reason behind a war can lead to admin intervention.

  • Wars must be declared in a face to face meeting between the leaders and rosters are to be kept up to date with who you are at war with. Gang Wars must be concluded in the same fashion, face to face. In most cases the request for peace should be accepted, unless there is a very good reason to push for more war. The declaration scene and the first attack must be seperate scenes.

  • Both sides may introduce 1 ally to join in on the war. Allies must be made known during the War Declaration and follow the same rules as the primary group. If allies are brought in it can only be one other gang not multiple members from other gangs. Each side may only have one group allied with them at any one time to keep numbers limited. Please ensure that you are keeping your roster up-to-date with who your ally is and who you are at war with.

Gang War Rules

  • Violence between Gangs that are at war outside of Gang Turfs must adhere to all LARP rules.

  • All Gang War Attacks must take place on a Gang Turf. All attackers and the people being targeted must be wearing the Colors of their gang.

    • Anyone not in Gang colors must either leave and not come back during the scene, or surrender. If they participate in the violence in any way, it will be seen as injecting into the Gang War scene and can be fired upon.
  • Law Enforcement during a Gang War: all Initiation rules and Violence Escalation apply for both Gangs and Cops. Violence should be the final step when interacting with Cops that inject into a Gang War in progress. Law Enforcement will be trained to not shoot on sight, the same rules must be followed by the Gangs as well.

  • During an attack/defense on a Gang Turf, initiation rules are waived until the scene is complete. The Group Limitations Rule will also be altered allowing twelve members from each side (allies included) to participate in the Gang War Scene. Be aware, sniping rules still apply, shooting from a three story building to start a shootout is lame and you should feel bad for thinking of it.

  • If Vehicles bearing the color of an Attacking/Retaliating Gang enters a Gang Turf, it can be pressed and escalated to violence. Do not automatically open fire unless it is very clear that they are there to do violence.

  • During a gang war, it is prohibited to use the 911 systems to get revived. If Law Enforcement / EMS does appear it is under their own volition. LEO/EMS will not be required to continually go into a gang area where shootouts are constant. They will not be a gang’s personal revive bot.

Gang War Mechanics

  • Gang Wars work on a daily cycle. One attack and one Retaliation from the defending Gang is allowed per day. This cycle of Attack / Retaliate can only be repeated for seven days.

  • During the Attack / Retaliate cycle the attacker can only attack again once the defender has retaliated. If the defending Gang fails to retaliate within three days, then the War is over with the Attacker being declared the victor.

  • Gang Leaders can break the cycle at any time during the seven days by requesting for Peace in another face to face meeting between Gang Leaders.


  • Gang Colors are to be treated as a distinct and clear way to identify your Gang during a Gang War. A Gang is not required to wear their Colors at all times, unless it is during a Gang War scene, where it must be worn to distinguish the sides of the conflict and to clearly show who is part of the Gang War scene. All Colors must be posted in the gang-colors channel where they can be vetted, approved, and visible to the other Gang Leaders.

  • Each Gang must define their gang’s distinct colors in a way that it cannot be accidentally worn by a regular player. Just saying a “Red Hockey Mask” is not considered colors. It needs to be a set combination of face/head wear, shirts, pants, and other accessories that you deem necessary for your Colors.

  • Vehicle colors during a Gang War should mirror the base color used in a Gang’s Colors. Outside of a Gang War, it is not required.

  • If someone is wearing your Gang’s Colors, it is fine to inform them about what they are wearing, but it doesn’t give you a reason to press further, unless they escalate or are impersonating your gang.

Special Considerations

  • If someone uses their own property for any activity, you are not allowed to press them, even if the property is on your turf. The only exception is if they initiate and escalate to violence with you first.

  • Gangs can hang out on their turf and sell(or not) with no limit. Their turf only. If the cops show up, just like anyone who is selling drugs on the street would do, YOU SCATTER. Either alone, or up to a group of 6, as that is currently where the crim limit stands.

Other Notes

This is first and foremost a roleplay server. It is not your personal gang server and it is not GTA online. If you are warring with someone, you should have a good RP reason to do so. If you do not agree with this, there are plenty of other servers out there that will cater to your play style. All the rules depicted here are subject to change based on the effect these rules have on the overall health of the server.


Gang rules updated 3/1/2021.


Gang rules updated 11/17/2023.

The required amount of people to make a gang changed from 12 to 8.