Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Application Requirements:

  • Read over the LARP server rules.
  • Read over the LARP gang rules.

Gang Colors/Masks are for whitelisted gangs ONLY. Wearing your colors and or masks before being accepted will result in your application being denied. You may wear them for photos before your application, but you are not allowed to wear them to scenes and or interact with other players.

Leader(s) Requirements:

  • You must have been playing on our server consistently for at least 2 weeks prior to applying.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older (exceptions can be made)

  • No previous bans within 30 days.

Leader OOC Details

Character name(s): Billy Thinkel

Age : 41

Discord ID (Example: @larp#0123): dacrazyirishman

Time on Server: 5 Years

Gang Details

What is the name of your gang/organization? Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Please give a list of all the members that will join your gang per now: Billy Thinkel, Stuart Brown, Jake Warren, Lux Draco, Zeek Boston, Beau Thinkel, Raven Hellbourne and Atreyu Hellbourne.

What are the identifying markings of your group? Colors, items, clothing, vehicles, etc.

  • Leader/Senior Horsemen Mask (Mask 230, Option 20)

  • Soldier Mask (Mask 236, Option 7)

Soldier Armband

  • Badges/Patches (Band 181, Option 11)

  • Vehicles (Blacked out, with White Underglow)

Give a background story about your gang/organization.

(Things to think about)

  • Where are the group’s roots, where are they from?

  • Why did the group form? Religious, monetary, materialistic, etc.

  • How did the group come to be what it is today? Did it start small? Are there other chapters or branches related to this group?

HotA started as a small group of friends with an extreme interest in mythology and legend. Spending hours on end talking about different myths and legends the group would fascinate over every detail and tell tales about what it would have been like to be a part of those legends. One legend in particular stood out to each member of the group though - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These four beings of legend, Conquest, War, Famine and Death, brought great meaning to our everyday lives and were often the underlying reason that we would make certain decisions. It is for this reason that the group has decided to form to try and preach our tales and legends to the wider community.

Since coming together Billy, Stuart, Jake & Lux have continually talked about how we could live our lives as The Horsemen and how we could help others see the way and commit to our group. All of us have come from humble beginnings starting from the bottom and now want to create a dynasty for others to follow in our footsteps. The four of us understand that we will not just be able to spend our time spreading the word of The Horsemen on the street in order to grow our cause but must grow our standing in the community by way possible, including good business, racing, trading and other more illegal avenues. Due to this we have been focusing our time on building a plan of action and feel that we are ready to begin.

Billy Thinkel - Death

Billy being the leader of the group feels that he is closely aligned to Death who is also considered the leader of The Horsemen. Billy has the strongest belief in what the Horsemen represent and wants to ensure that the word is spread out as far and wide as possible, while also leading the other Horsemen and keeping them on track with the job they need to do. Billy’s main aim is to recruit more believers, make the group self-sustaining and grow our business dealings.

Stuart Brown - War

Stuart is the co-lead of the group and as such has aligned himself to War. Stuart will be directly responsible for handling the darker areas of business that the group might need to interact with. This will include working with some other “underworld” groups in order to try and control some of the illegal trades around the city as the group recognises, the more powerful we are in these areas the more sway we can achieve at persuading people to believe in our cause.

Jake Warren - Famine & Lux Draco - Conquest

Jake and Lux as Senior Horsemen will be working a lot closer with the Soldiers that are a part of the group to make sure that the vision Billy & Stuart have is put into place. This means ensuring that they are following the ways of the group, promoting the group where possible and assisting with any other tasks that Billy & Stuart may require.

Cursed Soldiers

Cursed Soldiers is the term that we have created to describe the followers of the group. These soldiers will make up the main manpower of the group and will be directly responsible for the outreach to the community and the advancement of our propaganda. These front line soldiers have a strong belief in our cause and will do what they can to help The Horsemen progress.

  • Where is your turf?


What is the group’s main focus/RP? What will the group be doing on a daily basis in the server? (May include, but not limited to) Gun running, Drug selling, Heists, Car theft, etc.

The group’s main focus will be to spread the word of The Horsemen to the community of LA and we will attempt to do this via as many avenues as possible. We will mostly be out of the streets preaching our way but we will also spend time embedding our Soldiers into the car boosting/chopping scene and drug dealing trade.

The Senior Members may also get involved in the gun trade, bank robberies and jewelry stores in order to sell products on the black market in order to help fund the group when required.




Your application is currently UNDER REVIEW.


LARP Lead Admin

Your application has been ACCEPTED

Please reach out to me on discord so we can set up your gang roster.

Once whitelisted your gang will be placed on a 60 day probationary period, which I will explain to you while we are setting up your roster.


LARP Senior Admin