*** V-STR For Sale ***

Looking for something wild? Climb inside the fierce V-STR and listen to it growl as it bares that distinctive grill and charges the competition. With this much untamed energy, get ready to lose control. Figuratively, obviously. This high-performance luxury sedan is the jewel in Albany’s crown. Brown’s Autos are happy to present a beautiful one of a kind Albany V-STR, So if you are looking to impresses the ladies or just your friends look not further this car will make a good impression on almost anyone. The V-STR is a mid-Size 4 door luxury sedan which is largely predominated by the twin grille bearing chrome trimming around it, as well as a circular part with the Albany logo on it. The lower side features a large intake below the main grille and two smaller ones on the outer sides, having plastic surroundings and DRLs. Right at the bottom there is a small plastic lip. The car uses LED-like lights located in black housings

The sides feature twin fender vents with a chrome detail right after the front wheels, creating a slightly concaved portion around the doors. It also has visible side skirts and the cabin features black window trimmings. The rear-view mirrors have plastic frames and partially-colored shells.

The rear end features a rather bulky bumper housing the twin exhaust tubes, rear vents and another plastic trim at the bottom. Around the trunk area, there is the plate holder with a chrome detail above the license plate. A set of tail lights can be seen on either side, with the main ones located in black housings. The trunk also has a plastic ducktail spoiler by default.

The V-STR is prominently painted in a primary color, while the rear-view mirrors are painted in secondary. A trim color is available for the interior stitching and backseats. Its interior is the same “Nero White” interior also used in the neon.

The V-STR is being sold and provided by Brown Autos. Please contact Marcus Brown for any questions.

Starting Bid: $1,000,000
Minimum Upbid: 100k
Maximum Upbid: 500k
End time: After Thursday, December 3rd 9:00 PM EST, the minimum upbid will remain the same, with no maximum upbid. The auction will end 5 minutes after there have been no further bids.


To bid more DO NOT EDIT A POST. You must make a new post per bid. Any edited posts will be ignored.

At bidding end, you must have the funds in your bank account. Failure to do so will invalidate your bid.

We reserve the right to deem a bid invalid as we see fit. This is to counter idiots like Andre Lopez trying to win off of technicalities.

$1,000,000 - Gagan Singh

DIamond Normandie $1,100,000

$1,600,000 - Gagan Singh

Diamond Normandie $1,700,000

$2,200,000 - Gagan Singh

Diamond Normandie $2,300,000

$2,800,000 - Gagan Singh

$3,000,000 - Tyler Reed

$3,500,000 - Gagan Singh

$4,000,000 - Tyler Reed

$4,500,000 - Gagan Singh

$5,000,000 - Carl Enno

$5,100,000 - Gagan Singh

$5,200,000 - Petey Piff

The Auction has ended

Congratulations Petey Piff you are now the proud new owner of the V-STR. Please contact Marcus Brown to pick it up.

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