Tow Truck Guide

– Tow Trucking Guide –
Do not click any links/images if you are viewing this from inside the FiveM client.

This is a short tutorial on how to do the tow trucking job. The faction consists of a mixture of in game mechanics, alt menu buttons and commands.

Going on duty

  1. Go to a Tow Truck Station. They are marked on the map.
  2. Click ALT -> Employment -> Tow Duty
  3. Click E in the green circle to spawn a tow truck

What cars to tow

The vehicles you tow are marked by LEO/EMS. You will get a notification in the chat box (top left) with a description of the car and location once a car is marked. They also show up on your map as a green car inside a green circle.

To check if a vehicle is marked for tow, you can approach it, and while facing it do alt -> tow -> Check Vehicle.

How to tow a vehicle

  1. Reverse up to the vehicle
  2. Exit the truck and approach the controls on the right side of the rear of the truck.
    Alternatively, hit alt -> Tow -> Tow Vehicle
  3. Bring the vehicle to the Tow Truck Station, reverse into the big circle and press E.

When your shift is over, you can return your tow truck at the Tow Truck Station. Then do alt -> employement -> Go Off Tow Duty


  • You can communicate with the LEOs/EMS on duty in character with /rtow.
  • There is a radio frequency called Tow Dispatch where all the on duty tow truckers can join.
  • You can enable amber lights by pressing E
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