Sultan Classic Auction!

This Sultan Classic is fully upgraded with tier 4 armor and NOS. There is an unbelievable amount of customizations to this car, almost all car mods have been purchased including all liveries. This four-door will cruise on the highway at 165mph and reach up to 200mph downhill.

Starting Bid: $3,000,000
Minimum Up-bid: $100,000
No Maximum Up-bid

The auction ends Sunday, July 25th at 5 pm EST the minimum up-bid will remain the same. The auction will end 5 minutes after there have been no further bids.

NOTE: To bid more DO NOT EDIT A POST. You must make a new post per bid. Any edited posts will be ignored. You will have 48 hours to arrange a meeting and purchase this vehicle after bidding ends

If you have any questions feel free to email me: LUCA#3601

3,500,000- Charles Snow

$4,000,000 - Mike Milkington

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