Server Donations


As you know, we run the servers with the help of donated funds from players. Here is a current list of approximate running costs.

Main Server: Dedicated server. $220/month.
Main Server/Testing Data center: Dedicated server. $220/month.
FiveM EUP/Slot past 64 Paywall: $50/month.
Fontawesome Icon Host: $500 yearly.
Forums/Misc: $180/month depending on traffic.

A word on Patreon Donations.

A Patreon funding page has been set up to handle tiered LARP donations for those who would rather use it over Paypal. The tiers are set up to be similar in rewards to what Paypal donations provide, but on a monthly basis. You will also notice the addition of reward types such as Queue Priority and Weapon Skins. You can read more about each below.

Patreon takes payments on the 1st of every month, regardless of when you start your tier subscription. Keep that in mind when beginning your subscription.

Any time after the first of the current month, you may submit your redemption form for that month. It is the responsibility of the player to do this, as it is too much to keep track of without keeping a record of it.

Queue Priority

TLDR: Read it anyway. There are some important things to know if you plan on becoming a patron.

The second and third tiers will give priority over non prioritized players, the third tier being the highest priority. This applies to all players except staff, which will remain the highest priority for entrance. This service relies on Discord IDs to function, and thus it will only work when the Discord identifiers are working correctly. This relies on FiveMs ability to read them (and their rate limiting), and your ability to provide them (giving FiveM access to your Discord). In the event that FiveM can no longer read Discord IDs, a manual system will be put into place.

Weapon Skins (tints)

Tier 3 Patrons will receive Weapon Credits on a monthly basis when your redemption form is submitted to us. A weapon credit will unlock a single weapon skin for any one weapon of your choosing. Weapon skins are designed to be persistent, meaning if you die or lose your weapon, it will automatically apply when you revive or reacquire a weapon of the same type. A weapon tint browser is available in the city at several different Ammunations.

A few things to note:

  • If you cancel a recurring subscription on Patreon, their bot will remove your role in our Discord. If this happens, reach out to staff to have it reapplied manually.
  • Rewards can be redeemed each month, as long as your subscription is active. This means you will receive a new plate, new phone number and 3 credits each month (depending on your tier).

This form should be used to redeem your rewards for the current month.

If you want to donate, type !donate in our Discord.

Policy updated March 28, 2020 3:20am

Policy updated 5/18/2020. Added more details to Patreon donation information.