Pawn Shop #2 Аuction

Starting bid: 3,000,000
Minimum Upbid: 50K
End Time: After Monday, April 5 7:00 PM EST, the minimum upbid will increase to $100k per bid. The auction will end after 5 minutes of no upbids.

Note: To bid more DO NOT EDIT A POST. You must make a new post per bid. Any edited posts will be ignored.
At bidding end, you must have the funds in your bank account. Failure to do so will invalidate your bid.

Bids must include character name and bid amount.

3,000,000 -Bobby Shen


Joseph McMath

Rusty Jones. 4,050,000

4.100000mil Dawn Von…

Rusty Jones 4,300,000

4,400,000 Dawn Von…

Rusty Jones 4,500,000

4,600,000 Dawn Von…

Rusty Jones 4,700,000

4,800,000 Dawn Von……

Rusty Jones 4,900,000

5,000,000 Dawn Von…

Rusty Jones 5,100,000

5,200,000 Dawn Von….

Rusty Jones 5,300,000


Joseph McMath

GG, Got told i couldnt bid anymore cause of who im married to, enjoy your business.