I want to join lapd

-You must have been playing on our server consistently for at least 2 weeks prior to applying.yes
-You must be 18 years of age to be a member of the Pillbox yesHospital Team.(Exceptions can be made)yes
-No previous bans within 60 days.yes
-No previous felonies. If you have a felony on your character, yes you must create a new character with a clean record.
-After more than 60 days of inactivity, you must again meet the 2 week requirement to apply.ok

LARP Hospital Application
Out of Character Details
Time on the Server:96.7hrs
Discord ID(Ex.LARP#0123):keith lemon#0258
Time Zone:british
All other character names:keith danger brian watson

Character Details
Character’s Name:brian watson
Characters Age:36
Character’s Sex:male
A brief summary of your character(traits,personality,or history):
Does your character have any medical experience? If so, what?:
Why does your character wish to join the team? Please use some detail:the ems are a friendly team would like to join cause i like to treat people im honestr loyal very trust worthy and a nice person.

Roleplay Experience
Do you have experience roleplaying? If so, explain:
Rate your roleplay skills(1-10):10.10
Rate your English speaking&typing proficiency(1-10):10.10
Do you understand how to use discord?yes
Do you understand how to do /me’s and that you will be expected to use them?yes


Do you understand that:
As a member of the Pillbox Hospital Team, you are not exempt from server rules?:yes
As a member of the Pillbox Hospital Team, you are not above the law?yes
Lying on your application will result in consequences?yes

Attendings will review your application in a timely manner. Should your application not be viewed within a week of posting, you may reach out to a member of Command through Discord. Otherwise, please do not contact any Command(regardless of department) in regards to your application.

Welcome Brian,

To apply for LAPD we refer to them here as LEO (Law enforcement officer), to apply you can do it at at the moment they are currently closed and re open every 2 months ish so keep an eye out for them to be open again. It will be posted in the announcement channel in the discord.

Los Angeles roleplay General Admin

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