Grotti Visione Auction!

Sia’s Beehicles is back again with another rare and gorgeous supercar as seen in the LA Weekly. This sleek Grotti Visione is one of two in the city and features butterfly doors, a distinct body, endless customization and a top speed around 190 mph. This Visione already has several customizations purchased, including some liveries AND its fully upgraded so that you can save money and look cooler! This beautiful car is for those who want to stand out rather than blend in, those who strive for excellency not mediocrity. This car is for winners, not losers. The only question left is which one are you?

The Visione is being sold and provided by Sia’s Beehicles. Please contact Sia Bee for any questions.

Starting Bid: $3,000,000
Minimum Upbid: 100k
Maximum Upbid: 500k
End time: After Friday, February 26th 7:00 PM EST, the minimum upbid will remain the same, with no maximum upbid. The auction will end 5 minutes after there have been no further bids.

NOTE: To bid more DO NOT EDIT A POST. You must make a new post per bid. Any edited posts will be ignored.
At bidding end, you must have the funds in your bank account. Failure to do so will invalidate your bid.

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$3,000,000 -Bobby Shen

$3,500,000 - Joshua Rufus

$4,000,000 - Chuy Chavez

$4,500,000 - Beast Gambino

$4,600,000 - Chuy Chavez

$5,000,000 - Joshua Rufus

5,100,000 - Marc Madrid

5,200,000 - Johnny Reese

5,300,000 - Marc Madrid

5,400,000 - Johnny Reese

5,500,000 - Marc Madrid

5,700,000 - Johnny Reese

6,000,000 - Marc Madrid

$6,200,000 - Tyler Chase

6,400,000 - Marc Madrid

6,600,000 - Tyler Chase

Gio Gambino - 6,700,000

6,900,000 - Tyler Chase

Gio Gambino -7,000,000