Aston Martin One-77 for sale!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you all the brand new, exquisite Aston Martin One-77 which got its name because only 77 of these cars were made in THE WORLD, and you have the chance to get your hands on the only one in Los Angeles. Aston Martin has truly outdone themselves with this car, they have made the fastest Aston Martin to date, with such an elegant body that they have created a car closer to art than an automobile. This car was made for a king or queen among men, and when the retractable spoiler pops up you’ll feel like James Bond in his super fancy secret spy car. The One-77 is by far the most sophisticated, luxurious, stylish car I have ever laid eyes on and with a top speed over 200 mph, this is the car to have.

The One-77 is being sold and provided by Sia’s Beehicles. Please contact Sia Bee for any questions.

Starting Bid: $4,000,000
Minimum Upbid: 100k
Maximum Upbid: 500k
End time: After Sunday, October 4th 7:00 PM EST, the minimum upbid will remain the same, with no maximum upbid. The auction will end 5 minutes after there have been no further bids.

NOTE: To bid more DO NOT EDIT A POST. You must make a new post per bid. Any edited posts will be ignored.
At bidding end, you must have the funds in your bank account. Failure to do so will invalidate your bid.

$4,000,000 - Paco Aguilar

$4,500,000 - gagan singh

$4,600,000 Paco Aguilar

$5,000,000 - gagan singh

$5,100,000 - Marcus Brown

$5,500,000 - Gagan Singh

$5,600,000 - Marcus Brown

$6,000,000 - Bobby Shen

$6,100,000 - Gagan Singh

$6,200,000 - Marcus Brown

$6,500,000 - Gagan Singh

$7,000,000 - Bobby Shen

$7,100,000 - Gagan Singh

$7,200,000 - Marcus Brown

Ekko McKinley - 7,500,000

$8,000,000 - Bobby Shen

8,500,000 Ekko McKinley

$8,600,000 -Bobby Shen

Ekko Mckinley