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i would like to apply for pillbox medical team i find being a paramedic is fun, active, and you meet alot of new people and here a bunch of new things every call.

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Good Afternoon My name Is Felix Damone and I will be applying for EMS, I feel I would be a huge help with the crew, I’ve been doing EMS in different city’s for about a year now and was a Chief of EMS in Diamond City and I feel like I could make a huge difference in LARP, I’m always active and I really enjoy helping people in the city so I feel ill be a perfect fit for your team! I’m going on a month in this city so I understand the rules and experiences this city looks for.

Thanks again for reading my application
Felix Damone.

My name is Julian Williams, I am interested in becoming a paramedic and would be a great help to be introduced into the EMS department.

Hi all! Anthony Belmonti here. I would like to apply to EMS. Thanks!

Hello, I Percy Perkins would like to apply for EMS. Have previous ems experience.